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Low Impact Development / Sustainability
Low Impact Development / Sustainability
Share where you would you like to see this type of development in San Antonio and why.
Low Impact Development / Sustainability

How we care for our watershed now will determine the health of rivers and streams for future generations to enjoy. But, a sustainable watershed is not just good for the environment. In the long run, it will save taxpayer money through reduced stormwater infrastructure costs. It will also improve quality of life in our watershed through increased green space and landscape beautification.
A great stormwater control measure in highly urbanized areas, such as San Antonio, is low impact development.
Low Impact Development (LID) is a sustainable land planning and engineering design approach to managing stormwater runoff.
Benefits of LID design features include:
o Manage stormwater runoff as close to where it falls as rain as possible,
o Use on-site natural drainage features to help manage the runoff,
o Reduce overall impervious cover, which increases stormwater runoff, and
o Polish stormwater runoff for quality.

Slow it down. Spread it out. Soak it in.

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