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Food System Strategies
Food System Strategies
Which food system strategies do you think San Antonio should implement first?
Food System Strategies

A community food system is a collaborative network that integrates sustainable food production, processing, distribution, consumption and waste management to enhance the environmental, economic and social health of San Antonio. For the SA Tomorrow Sustainability Plan, the Food System Focus Area includes the production, processing, distribution, and consumption components of the food cycle. Disposal is covered in Solid Waste Resources.

The vision identified for the Food System Focus Area is: All San Antonians benefit from a thriving food system that is accessible, secure, nutritious, and affordable. The primary goal is to eliminate all food deserts from San Antonio. A food desert is defined as an area of the city where residents are more than one mile from a grocery store, supermarket, farmer’s market, or other healthy food outlet.

Below is a list of the Food System Focus Area strategies identified through our planning process to date. Please choose up to three strategies you feel best set the city on a path to meet the vision identified above. For more information, click on the Topic Details tab for an overview PDF.

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Food System Strategy Descriptions
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